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Tree Services

Considered one of the top tree services in Watertown, MA, and surrounding areas, our tree services have become a name you can trust for commercial and residential projects. Boston’s Tree Removal and Landscaping crews are certified, experienced, knowledgeable, and properly equipped to fulfill all your tree service needs.

When your trees require service, rather than hacking away at limbs and running the risk of injuring yourself or your tree, call our professional team at (857) 858-6878 to meet your needs, we will be glad to provide you with the best service.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Stumps can attract pests and fungi, which are hazardous to the health of nearby trees in most circumstances. We offer holistic tree management services that include the safe and complete elimination of stumps by grinding or removing them. All of our stump grinding services are completely safe for our customers, and our trained staff are experts in completing the task without risk.

Residential and commercial property owners call Boston’s Tree Removal and Landscaping for stump grinding and stump removal services because of the quality workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact us today to set an appointment for us to come out and inspect the stump site and give you an estimate for your stump removal job.


Tree Pruning & Trimming

There may be several reasons behind trimming a tree. Limbs that are infected, dying or already dead, low-hanging, meddle with electrical lines or limbs that are standing out, they all need to be dealt with. This should be done in a way that the tree is improved rather than harmed. Trees are also sometimes trimmed just to improve their appearance, such as trimming to achieve a desired shape, without considering more important factors.

Tree trimming or pruning is a huge part of tree maintenance. It is something you may not consider necessary until an on-the-way or dead limb becomes a big deal. It may not seem like a complicated task to go out and do it yourself. The truth is, it takes more skill than you may realize and it’s necessary to know how to trim a tree to stay away from injuries to both the tree and the trimmer. We are careful to trim your tree in a manner that will suit your needs and preserve or improve your tree’s health.

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