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Masons deal with brick, stone and concrete, and it’s a popular construction technique around the world due to its many advantages. These construction professionals are highly skilled and the perfection they bring to their work is impressive. So if you have plans to renovate your home or commercial property with brick, stone or concrete, consider hiring a masonry contractor to get the job done with the utmost care.

Boston Landscaping is not only capable of installing pavers, stairs, columns, porches and retaining walls, but we can also help you with design options and maintenance guidance for commercial and residential properties.

We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, over 10 years in the industry, are fully certified, licensed and insured, and we cover the Greater Boston Area. Call now for a free estimate (857) 326-8724!

Brick Masonry Benefits

Brick masonry is a more affordable option than other mason types and can be adhered using different types of mortar, depending on structural requirements. Since bricks are uniform in shape and size, they create a clean, symmetrical look that is desired by many home or commercial property owners. Bricks can be used for virtually any project including walkways, walls, and openings for doors and windows.


Stone Masonry Benefits

Stone masonry is the most durable, strong and weather-resistant material of the three. It’s recommended for areas with high foot traffic like walkways, patios, or walls. One of the greatest advantages of stone is the aesthetic it offers, as it comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures. Stone masonry also requires little maintenance and repairs. Stone does not warp, swell, bend, or dent, and will withstand all types of weather conditions including wind, rain, hail, sleet, and snow.

Concrete Masonry Benefits

Concrete blocks are ideal for homeowners as they are resistant against weather, pests, rotting, mold, and fire. These blocks are available in many sizes, finishes, and colors. They also have good insulating properties against heat, sound, and moisture. Another great advantage of concrete masonry is that they use recycled materials that don’t contain any harsh chemicals that can negatively affect your health or the environment.

There are many benefits of masonry construction for home and commercial property owners. In addition to aiding your home or building structurally, it also adds an aesthetic appeal and increases property value. Call now to find out more (857) 326-8724!


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